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Mapping and assessing discontinuities in rivers

This morning we have presented our work for the Amber ATLAS at the Webinar series “Restoring river continuity: methods and open challenges” organized by Wetlands International and CIRF (Italian Center for River Restoration):
In this second session of the webinars we have presented the Amber project and its contribution for mapping and assessing river connectivity in rivers. In particular, the focus was on the Amber ATLAS, one of the main task in which the researchers of the NRM group are involved. The ATLAS is intended to become the first pan-European database of all existing barriers across Europe, based on existing national data properly validated during the project life. This represents a huge but necessary effort to provide the real picture of river fragmentation in European rivers and to inform future barrier monitoring and management.


Our researchers work together with researchers from ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, i.e. the Italian Environmental Agency) and Durham University to develop methods and protocols for monitoring large river systems from remote sensing. We use drones and traditional field techniques (e.g. GPS) to survey local river features (e.g. topography, sediment size, vegetation) and use these data as ground truth for their further detection and monitoring at large scale from the recent Sentinel satellites from Copernicus. Last week we successfully realised the first campaign of data acquisition.