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US-EU Worskhop on the water-energy nexus

Image result for water and energy nexus jrc us euThe JRC is hosting an EU-US the workshop Understanding the water-energy nexus: integrated water and power system modelling. The NRMGroup is participating with an introductory speech by Andrea Castelletti on behalf of the IMPREX project about Water and energy nexus under changing climate: challenges and opportunities from a water management perspective. Further information can be found here.


M3O has been released and published

We just released a MATLAB toolbox to design the operations of multipurpose water reservoirs with state-of-the-art  algorithms including Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Implicit Stochastic Optimization, Sampling Stochastic Dynamic Programming, fitted Q-iteration, Evolutionary Multi-Objective Direct Policy Search, and Model Predictive Control. The toolbox is designed to be accessible to practitioners, researchers, and students, and to provide a fully commented and customizable code for more experienced users. The toolbox can be downloaded here, while a full description of the toolbox functionalities has been published on Environmental Modelling and Software and can be accessed here.

M. Giuliani, Y. Li, A. Cominola, S. Denaro, E. Mason, A. Castelletti, A Matlab toolbox for designing Multi-Objective Optimal Operations of water reservoir systems, Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 85, November 2016, Pages 293-298, ISSN 1364-8152,