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A new EU report on water-energy systems sponsored by European Commission DG-RTD

Energy and water systems are highly interdependent, yet seldom planned and managed together, overlooking synergies and combined risks. The developed soft linkage of models maps future hydro-climatic projections into future power system operation, and allows to quantify the vulnerability of the power system to changes in the hydrological system due to climate change.
Danube region, Iberian Peninsula, Alpine region and the Adda river basin (high-resolution) are analyzed in the study.
Results show that climate change and renewable energy penetration will have significant effects on the reliability and vulnerability of the energy system in the different regions also impacting energy prices.
The NRM group substantially contributed to the project providing projections of water temperature and streamflow with daily resolution at more than 350 specific locations.
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Mapping and assessing discontinuities in rivers

This morning we have presented our work for the Amber ATLAS at the Webinar series “Restoring river continuity: methods and open challenges” organized by Wetlands International and CIRF (Italian Center for River Restoration):
In this second session of the webinars we have presented the Amber project and its contribution for mapping and assessing river connectivity in rivers. In particular, the focus was on the Amber ATLAS, one of the main task in which the researchers of the NRM group are involved. The ATLAS is intended to become the first pan-European database of all existing barriers across Europe, based on existing national data properly validated during the project life. This represents a huge but necessary effort to provide the real picture of river fragmentation in European rivers and to inform future barrier monitoring and management.

The NMRGroup is one of the finalists for the EFARRI award

Image result for efarriThe NRMGroup has been selected as one of the finalists of the EFARRI award by the European Foundations Award for Responsible Research & Innovation. EFARRI aims to identify research groups that have successfully incorporated methods to align research with the needs of society and contributed towards the development of a smart, inclusive and sustainable society. The award is a joint initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium), “la Caixa” Foundation (Spain), Fondazione Cariplo (Italy), the Lundbeck Foundation (Denmark), the Robert Bosch Stiftung (GermanTy) and the European Foundation Centre Research Forum. Rodolfo Soncini, Andrea Castelletti and Enrico Weber will at the award cerimony in Bruxelles, Nov 21-22.

SmartH2O project

The SmartH2O project develops an ICT platform for improving the management of urban and peri-urban water demand thanks to the integrated use of smart meters, social computation, and dynamic water pricing, based on advanced models of consumer behavior.

Water consumers are people whose behavior depends on a variety of motivations and social and individual drivers and triggers. For this reason, it is necessary to develop a framework able to consider both the technical and the social sides of the problem, and able to promote the active engagement of the consumers with the shared objective of saving water and energy. The SmartH2O project aims to provide water utilities, municipalities and citizens, with an ICT-enabled platform to design, develop and implement better water management practices and policies, leading to a reduction in water consumption, without compromising the quality of life, and to an increase in resource security.