Multicriteria Optimization Model to Generate on‐DEM Optimal Channel Networks: a new paper on WRR

Our paper on MoRE, the Multiobjective modeling framework for Riverscape Exploration has just been published on Water Resources Research. In nature, river networks self‐organize their branches so that the energy spent by the water flow to reach the outlet is kept to a minimum. This physical process can be expressed mathematically with diverse formulations, which inspired a theory called Optimal Channel Network. Several studies applied Optimal Channel Network theory to reproduce the 2-D features of channel networks. Yet these studies were not able to reproduce realistic river networks in 3-D. In this paper, we propose the Multiobjective modeling framework for Riverscape Exploration (MoRE), the first modeling framework able to generate artificial river networks from random digital elevation model that resemble those observed in nature for their 3‐D characteristics. This work contributes to enrich our understanding about the mechanisms guiding the development and evolution of river networks in nature and provides a software tool that can be used for future research on real‐world 3‐D river landscapes. Read more HERE.

Bizzi, S., Cominola, A., Mason, E., Castelletti, A., & Paik, K. (2018). Multicriteria optimization model to generate on-DEM optimal channel networks. Water Resources Research, 54.