Ezra’s Round Table/Systems Seminar @Cornell

Andrea Castelletti has been invited to the  Ezra’s Round Table System Seminar series at Cornell University to talk about the NRM group’s research on the Italian lake district. The title of the talk was Soft-Path solutions for hard water problems: a journey in the drying Italian sub-alpine lake district. Ongoing changes in global climate are altering the hydrologic regime, expanding historically observed variability as well as increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme events. Evidence of this emerging behavior has been observed worldwide, including traditionally flood sensitive regions, such as the Italian Alps, where intensive droughts have repeatedly challenged agricultural and hydropower production in the last decade. Extensive model-based analyses carried out by the NRM group show that a soft-path approach can substantially mitigate the impact of changing climate, and help contrasting increasingly frequent and impacting droughts with little financial investment but a substantial shift in the existing water governance.  The webcast of the talk is  available here