The open source CASCADE toolbox for river sediment connectivity assessment is presented in a new paper on EMS

Sediment connectivity in rivers directly links to fluvial processes and eco-system services. Modelling networkscale sediment connectivity and its response to anthropic alterations, such as dams or land-use changes, is key to better understanding river processes and to inform river basin management. In this paper on Environmental Modelling ans Software, we present a Matlab toolbox for network-scale sediment connectivity based on an implementation of the CASCADE (CAtchment Sediment Connectivity And DElivery) model. CASCADE combines concepts of graph theory with empirical sediment transport formulas to quantify sediment transfers in a river network. Numerical efficiency and flexibility in the input data requirements enables application to large river networks, stochastic simulations of sediment connectivity, and screening impacts of many infrastructure portfolios. Read more HERE.

The toolbox and the relative user guide are available for download from the CASCADE website, or from the GitHub repository at