M3O: Multi-Objective Optimal Operations of multipuropose water reservoir systems

Matlab toolbox for designing the optimal daily operations of multipurpose water reservoir systems through several state-of-the-art methods. Version 1.0 of the toolbox includes Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Implicit Stochastic Optimization, Sampling Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Fitted Q-Iteration, Evolutionary Multi-Objective Direct Policy Search, Model Predictive Control.

Iterative Input Selection algorithm

MatLab implementation of the IIS algorithm relying on Extremely Randomized Trees, woking both in regression and classification mode. The same algorithm with a C-library implementing the Extremely Randomized Trees is available HERE. This algorithm is described in Galelli and Castelletti (2013).

HBV rainfall-runoff model

C++ model implementation, Java interface for calibration with MOEA Framework, model tutorial. This model was used in Giuliani and Castelletti (2016).

Sparse Principal Component Analysis

Matlab toolbox comprising 8 formulations of SPCA using Alternating Maximization. This toolbox was used in Galelli et al. (2015).