Dr. Andrea Cominola

PhD Research: Modelling residential water consumers’ behavior. From smart metered data to demand management

Currently: Assistant Professor at TU Berlin, Germany

Dr. Emanuele Mason

PhD Research: Beyond full rationality: Modeling tradeoff dynamics in multi-objective water management. From tradeoff identification to modeling its time evolution

Currently: ENERSEM | Homepage

Dr. Simona Denaro

PhD Research: Conflict mitigation in water resources systems by informed data-driven control and financial hedging tools

Currently: Post-doc Research Fellow at University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, USA | Homepage

Dr. Rafael Schmitt

PhD Research: CASCADE – A framework for modeling fluvial sediment connectivity and its application for drsigning low impact hydropower portfolios

Currently: Post-doc Research Fellow at University of Stanford, USA | Homepage

Dr. Li Yu

PhD Research: Advancing coupled human-water systems analysis by agent-based modeling

Currently: Post-doc Research Fellow at ETH Zurich, Switzerland | Homepage

Dr. Truong Van Anh

PhD Research: Optimal management of large-scale water resources systems under multi-stressor conditions in the Red River basin, Vietnam

Currently: Lecturer at the Hanoi University of Natural resources and Environment, Vietnam

Dr. Dinh Nhat Quang

PhD Research: Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm, dynamic and non-dynamic emulators in the design of optimal policies for water resources management

Dr. Daniela Anghileri

PhD Research: Management of multi-purpose reservoirs under climate change: impact assessment and adaptation strategies

Currently: Post-doc Research Fellow at University of Southamptom, UK | Homepage

Dr. Xuan Quach

PhD Research: Assessing and optimizing the operation of the Hoa Binh reservoir in Vietnam by multi-objective optimal control techniques

Currently: Institute of Socio-Economic Development, Da Nang, Vietnam

Dr. Stefano Galelli

PhD Research: Dealing with complexity and dimensionality in water resources management

Currently: Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore | Homepage

Dr. Francesca Pianosi

PhD Research: Novel methods for water resources management

Currently: Lecturer at University of Bristol, UK | Homepage