HIL seminars

2018.12.03  |  Flash floods: challenges of nowcasting using ensemble approaches by M.H.Ramos (National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture – IRSTEA)

2017.10.03  |  A spatial decision support system for natural hazard risk reduction policy assessment and planning by H. Maier (University of Adelaide)

2017.08.29  |  Characterization, Simulation and Detection of Cyber-physical attacks on Water Distribution Networks by R. Taormina (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

2017.07.27  |  Nile Hydropolitics and the Grand Ethiopian Dam: Current and Future Challenges by P. Block (University of Wisconsin Madison)

2017.06.07  |  Morphodynamics of gravel-bed rivers by J. Pitlick (University of Colorado Boudler)

2017.03.07  |  Direct Policy Search for Multi-Objective Control of Socio-Ecological and Hydrological Systems by J.D. Quinn (Cornell University)

2017.01.13  |  Towards the Digital Water Utility: Role of Intelligent Water Networks and Big Data Informatics by R. Stewart (Griffith University)

2016.12.20  |  Influence of El Niño Southern Oscillation on global hydropower production by S. Galelli (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

2016.07.07  |  Robust policy design for water resources systems with conflicting objectives by J.D. Herman (University of California, Davis)

2016.06.08  |  Policy modeling for sustainable water management in agriculture: challenges of spatial scales by T. Zhu (International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington)

2016.05.02  |  Exploratory modeling for designing adaptation pathways by J. Kwakkel (Delft University of Technology)