Modelling and managing the water, energy and food nexus in a changing Vietnam, by Matteo Giuliani, presented at the Italy-Vietnam workshop “Towards a global approach to water issues: management-monitoring-treatment” in Ho Chi Minh City (October 13, 2017)

HIL Seminars: A spatial decision support system for natural hazard risk reduction policy assessment and planning by H. Maier (University of Adelaide)

HIL SeminarsCharacterization, Simulation and Detection of Cyber-physical attacks on Water Distribution Networks by R. Taormina (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

HIL Seminars: Nile Hydropolitics and the Grand Ethiopian Dam: Current and Future Challenges by P. Block (University of Wisconsin Madison)

HIL SeminarsMorphodynamics of gravel-bed rivers by J. Pitlick (University of Colorado Boudler)

HIL SeminarsDirect Policy Search for Multi-Objective Control of Socio-Ecological and Hydrological Systems by J.D. Quinn (Cornell University)

HIL SeminarsTowards the Digital Water Utility: Role of Intelligent Water Networks and Big Data Informatics by R. Stewart (Griffith University)

HIL Seminars: Influence of El Niño Southern Oscillation on global hydropower production by S. Galelli (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

ICT solutions for highly-customized water demand management strategies, by Matteo Giuliani, presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2016.

Developing a stochastic simulation model for the generation of residential water end-use demand time series, by Matteo Giuliani, presented at the International Congress on Environmental Modelling & Software (iEMSs 2016).

HIL SeminarsRobust policy design for water resources systems with conflicting objectives by J.D. Herman (University of California, Davis)

HIL SeminarsPolicy modeling for sustainable water management in agriculture: challenges of spatial scales by T. Zhu (International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington)

Is robustness really robust? how different definitions of robustness impact decision-making under climate change by Matteo Giuliani, presented at EWRI 2016.

HIL Seminars: Exploratory modeling for designing adaptation pathways by J. Kwakkel (Delft University of Technology)

Coadapting water supply and demand to changing climate in agricultural water management: evidences from a model-based analysis in Northern Italy by Matteo Giuliani, presented at Rotary Club during the award ceremony for FONDO ROTARY PREMIO ALLA RICERCA 2015.

Modelling and managing urban water demand through smart meters: Benefits and challenges from current research and emerging trends by Andrea Cominola, presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2015 – Outstanding Student Presentation Award in the Hydrology Section.

Curses, tradeoffs, and scalable management: advancing evolutionary direct policy search to improve water reservoir operations by Matteo Giuliani, presented at EWRI 2015.

A FOSS approach to Integrated Water Resource Management by Carolina Arias and Marco Micotti.

The SmartH2O project: a platform supporting residential water management through smart meters and data intensive modeling by Andrea Cominola, presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2014.

Integrated and sustainable water management of Red-Thai Binh rivers system under change by Matteo Giuliani, presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2014.

Universal approximators for Direct Policy Search in multi-purpose water reservoir management by Andrea Castelletti, presented at IFAC World Congress 2014.